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Fishing Report


September Fishing


We are starting to see some Porgies who are a little late so we will target them plus Ling and Flounder if the Porgies don't bite. Sea bass are now closed till Oct 8th. Catches of 10 to 15 of a mix. Sailing EVERYDAY 7:30 to 3:30. Come on down and join us. Capt Willie


Good Summer Fishing


The fishing has been good this summer with Sea bass and Ling, add in a few Cod and Flounder and you have cooler full of dinners. Catches of 15 to 30 are still making happy faces. Grab you fishing gear and come on down. Capt Willie


SAILING EVERYDAY 7:30 AM Bottom fishing


Fishing is still fair with Sea bass and Ling ,plus a few Fluke, Flounder and Porgies. Catches of 10 to 20 fish are fill in the coolers. Soon as the Porgies make a good showing we will target them everyday with Triggerfish and Sea bass. Summer is ending soon so get your poles and Jon us. Capt Willie




Sailing EVERYDAY Seabass and Ling also a few Cod, Flounder and Fluke in the catch. Coolers of 15 to 30 fish have gone home so come drop a line. 4th July Fireworks cruise leasing 7:30 pm come join us. Capt Willie


Ling TIme


Now that our best Spring Sea bass has closed we are on to Ling and today's action was good. Catches of 15 to 30 fish a man plus a few nice Cod and Flounder. We sail EVERYDAY 7:30 to 3:30 so come join us for Ling action. Capt Willie


GOOD Sea bass and Ling ACTION


Fishing at its finest on Seabass and Ling plus some Flounder and Cod. Good catches of 10 to 30 fish going home in the coolers. The Spring Sea bass end June 22 so get in the action while it lasts. Come on down nice weather is here. Capt Willie




Seabass and Ling fishing has been good, plus some Flounder and Cod mixed in the catch. Coolers of 10 to 30 fish have been going home for dinner. The weather is going to be nice come and hop on Ford a day of action. Capt Willie


Good Seabass


The Sea bass action has been the good from the start with plenty of limits all around plus fair amount of Ling to help fill the coolers. Catches of 10 to 30 fish a man is common. Grab your poles and come on down. Capt Willie Previous Reports