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About Us

Family-owned and operated, The Dauntless has been successfully navigating anglers to deep water wreck action since 1958.

Captain Willie Jr., Captain Willie III, and Captain Steve happily continue to serve the fishing community, vacationers and ocean lovers of all ages.



William Egerter Sr

William Egerter Sr. “Willie” was recognized as a constant at many of the Jersey Shore docks. Known for his famous “Willie Sticks” he built rental rods for many of the local boats.


Captain William Egerter Jr

“The Falcon” was Captain William Egerter Jr’s first boat. The 65’ wooden boat sailed day and night out of Brielle, New Jersey. Fishermen traveled far and wide for the love and joy of fishing and the ability to fill their freezers to support and feed their families. Captain Willie Jr. had The Dauntless built in 1974. This 85’ aluminum boat was one of the first to sail out of Point Pleasant Beach. Always happy to converse with his customers, Captain Willie is an intrical figure at Broadway Basin.


Captain William Egerter III

No one navigates The Jersey Shore bottom fishing wrecks better than Captain William Egerter III. Learning from the pros, “Butch” spent much of his childhood assisting his grandfather with rod construction and working with his father learning the trade. At the age of 18 Willie got his captains license and since has mentored and trained many other local boat captains.


Captain Steve Huey

For many years Captain Steve Huey was an amazing mate on the Dauntless. His love for fishing inspired him to get his captains license. With over 20 yrs. experience Captain Steve enjoys targeting the best seasonal catches only the Jersey Shore can offer.