So far we had a very pleasant experience with the Howell Driving School. The Receptionist was amazing in informing us about the process. My son has successfully passed his written exam and now awaiting an appointment to get the hours on the road experience. I will update my review once we completed our contract with the school.

-Aliya S


Tony was an amazing instructor, taught me everything i know and kept the positivity during my test today and i passed easily!! Awesome with the 6 hours as well for my permit took me to get my decals and everything, reasonable prices too!!

-Julia D.


We had a great experience with Howell Driving School for our daughter. The staff was very friendly and efficient when scheduling our daughter for her driving lessons. The instructors were great and arrived on time to take her for lessons and did a great job teaching her to drive. When the DMV location she was scheduled to take her road test at closed down suddenly due to Covid, they quickly got her test moved to another location for the same day which we greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend them and we are in the process of using them again for our second daughter.

-Chrstine L


My daughter’s school does not offer driver’s Ed so we relied on HDS for the entire licensing process. The staff was very helpful and explained the process from initial permit to license processing thoroughly. They scheduled her road test a year in advance of her 17th birthday which turned out to be a blessing because we were coming out of quarantine on her 17th birthday and DMV appointment wait times were weeks long. The instructors were punctual with pick up and drop off. The cost was competitive with other driving schools in the area. I would strongly recommend them.

-Glinkis O


My son had a great experience driving with Carl. Tiffany, in the office is very friendly and thorough. We had a great experience with this driving school!

-Laura M


My son had a great driver’s learning experience. His instructor was kind, patient, and all of the above. My son looked forward to driving with him every time. I would highly recommend Howell Driving School. The office was flexible and accommodating with his academic/football schedule and never gave me a hard time. Your child won’t be disappointed. Btw his instructor was Bill.

-Devin M


Great communication and customer service! They were very responsive to my initial phone call and Bill has been a great teacher to my daughter. Highly recommend Howell Driving School!

-Barbra B


My son was very anxious at the start and by the end of his first day he was confident in his ability to be a safe driver. His Teacher Don was very supportive and encouraging and made sure he knew everything he needed to know. I would highly recommend.

-Durga B


We used Howell Driving School for my 16 year old son's driving lessons. First of all, Chanelle at the front desk is very professional and helpful. She is very knowledgeable and walks you through the process including my son taking his repeat written driving exam in the office and scheduling his lessons and driving exam with the DMV. She also scheduled all of his lessons with the same instructor Don which was helpful. Don did all 6 hours of behind the wheel with my son and he was excellent. Patient and knowledgeable and also explained to me the process after his lessons were concluded. We are hoping to schedule his refresher lessons with Don. I highly recommend this driving school they were excellent all around and picked up my son at our home for all lessons.

-Jen A


My daughter was very comfortable with her driving instructors , she felt at ease and overall had a great experience at Howell Driving School. They were always On time for pick up and drop off , the office was very responsive to my calls and accommodating, instructors were professional , friendly and patient

-Brittany C


The instructor was very nice and friendly and made me feel very comfortable in the car, definitely would recommend to other new drivers.

-Katelynn S


My instructor Rich was very friendly, and I could understand what he was telling me, and what tips he was giving me. Thanks to him I am a very good driver. Overall very good driving school

-Digant R


My teacher was Karen. He was awesome one of the best teachers I have ever had. Very friendly.

-Liam Troger


I simply can't say enough great things about our experience with the Howell Driving School. I initially contacted this particular school because I discovered they had a Nissan Cube in their fleet and I felt it would be a great way for my son to learn to drive on the same type car we had at home. Tony however, was the "key" to getting my son over his apprehensions about learning to drive and getting his license. Not sure what Tony said or did but, my son felt empowered to learn to drive after just one session behind the wheel with Tony as his instructor. After his 3rd behind the wheel session with Tony, I took my son out for more practice and then signed my son up to have a refresher session with Tony and let my son go to the DMV with Tony to take his road test. Best money I have ever spent. My son was much more at ease knowing Tony was going with him. My son passed his behind the wheel test today on his first try and now has his license. Hurray!! From the office staff and their great organization on scheduling to Tony's upbeat positive approach to learning to drive, it was just a very positive experience from beginning to end. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

-Karen B


My instructor was wonderful, calm and interesting. I would definitely reccomend this to other people

-Madison B.


Helped me learn to parallel park in an hour. I impressed myself.

-Theresa F


The instructor Tom was great with my son who is 16 they even work on Sundays

-James H.


Our instructor was on time, very professional and very patient. My daughter had a great experience and learned a lot. They handle everything and make the process very smooth.

-Stephanie W.


Our Experience was fantastic with our 16 year old son. He was very nervous to drive however they made him so comfortable. If I can give them 10 Stars we would

-Glen S


My daughter had Michele as her instructor. She was great ! My daughter has confidence behind the wheel and we will be back to take the road test with you. Thank you.

-Heidi G.


Great response, well trained instructor. Tony from Howell Driving School was awesome. My son had a great experience.

-Anthony V.


Both of my daughters used Howell driving school for their 6 hours and the refresher course before their road tests. One also took her written test there since she turned 16 before she had drivers ed at school. They made the process very easy and both Richard and Tony were great instructors. They accept competitor coupons so be sure to look for one.

-Lisa M.


Rich was awesome !!

-Ann M.


Easy to schedule, responsive, on time, great price, instructor was excellent.

-Bella D.


Had a great experience with Howell driving school and passed my test on the first try!

-Nicole B.


The driving instructors, are all nice, understanding of my first time learning to drive. They where able to provide a lot of anwsers to my questions. They gave me clear instruction and procedures on how to prefer specific techniques, that i would need on the road.



Very Patient and very courteous with my child. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Rich.



I had a very good experience with Howell Driving School. Michelle was a great teacher and very personable.

-Marisa S.


Howell Driving School is very professional, and the practice hours went fast. My instructor made me feel comfortable driving. I learned what was needed without any problems. Can't wait for the review and driving test.

-Lauren L.


I really enjoyed working with the instructor Tom we really connected and he was very understanding and was able to help pass and relax my nerves of driving and helpe pass parallel parking Tom is one of the best I've ever met and I thank the Howell driving and Tom for your help with me getting around with driving.

-Craig W.


Great school and instructors. Registration process very smooth. Very helpful staff. Highly recommended

-Ellie M.


Did well, where nice and helped me as much as they could.

-Thomas F.


My daughter's school does not have any drivers ed. She went to Howell Driving School for everything from start to finish. They were extremely accommodating and helpful every step of the way! She passed her drivers test on her first try And Howell Driving School made it the most pleasant experience! Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism! See you for the next kid in a few months!

-Karen H.


Very professional and friendly


Thank You Howell Driving School

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