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"Empowering Individuality Through Dedication, Determination, and Desire."

For over 25 years, Ocean Dance Force has been dedicated to connecting an inspiring artistic experience with love and gratitude so that our students feel ambitious and empowered to follow their dreams with confidence.

  • Education through opportunities.  Learning about dance is more than going to class.    We encourage our students to dive deeper into their education by exposing them to the rich history dance offers and its impact on society through multifaceted learning.
  • Dance friends are forever friends. We value the time spent in the studio and the bonds that are created in our space.  The connection our dancers make comes from our safe, low pressure environment where kindness and caring of each individual is respected by all.
  • Simple and sophisticated. Careful consideration has been given to even the smallest of details when it comes to keeping things simple for families.  We strive to empower parents with the correct knowledge at the right time across all facets of the student journey.
  • Dream Bigger. Our classes have been thoughtfully considered to push and encourage each child to be their best, inside and outside of our classrooms.  Whether our students choose to continue their journey in the dance world or strive for academic excellence, our training supports ambition for life.​​​

Our Values

Our values drive our mission.  Ocean Dance Force is passionate about giving our students a happy, hopeful, safe, and positive environment.  We want every child to look forward to coming to dance. Our teaching team desires to have our students feel comfortable and confident to try new things or have a creative outlet if they have a bad day.  ODF wants them to thrive and grow in a technical environment. We hope they gain not only dance knowledge but PEOPLE knowledge. We wish for them to be humble, kind, respectful, and proud when they finish their time at ODF.

  1. Positive  We are passionate about inspiring each student through creating a JOYFUL & POSITIVE environment creating a lifelong passion and desire for the art of dance.
  2. Included Our team strives to INCLUDE each & every student through the learning process by creating a space that helps students and their families feel connected with each other and the team.
  3. Focused We are passionate about inspiring students to reach for their highest dreams by taking each word, interaction & teachable moment as an opportunity to share how dedication and FOCUS can help them achieve their goals.
  4. Supported We are passionate about SUPPORTING each student as they explore, create, collaborate and expand their knowledge so they reach their full potential as dancers.
  5. Ambitious We are passionate about helping each student feel confident so they can be AMBITIOUS enough to take the toughest of challenges they face whether in the dance studio or not!