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What to Expect During a Mold Inspection

What to Expect During a Mold Inspection

Posted on 08/13/2020

Mold exposure can be a serious health hazard to New Jersey homeowners, so mold inspections and subsequent mold removal are vital processes for homes with hidden growths. If you suspect your house may have a mold or mildew issue, a qualified mold inspector will arrive at your home. Without a mold inspection, it is impossible to tell how much and what kind of mold is growing in your home (if any mold is growing at all), so the inspection is an integral part of the mold remediation process. When a Master Tech mold specialist arrives, he or she will conduct several intensive mold testing diagnostics to determine the scope of the problem.

During a mold inspection from MasterTech, you can expect a visual assessment to start off the appointment, in which the technician will photograph and digitally document any obvious mold and mildew growths throughout the home. Once an initial visual inspection has been made, the technician will conduct both thermal imaging and moisture mapping of the house structure to determine which cool, damp areas might be fostering hidden mold growth. Next, depending on initial diagnostics, the mold remediation expert will conduct thorough airborne mold testing, surface mold testing, or inner wall mold testing. A black mold test is especially important due to the toxic nature of the mold type, and MasterTech toxic black mold removal services will be on hand as soon as possible after the inspection.

Within 48 hours of your mold inspection visit, MasterTech professional mold removal services will send a clear and succinct Mold Inspection Summary report. Then, MasterTech mold removal services will work with you to design a mold remediation plan specific to your property. This mold removal plan will include both cleanup tactics and preventative measures to limit future mold and mildew growth. A mold inspection is an important first step in the mold cleanup process, and one that helps MasterTech restore your home to a healthy and beautiful state!

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I have used Mastertech for two separate mold remediation issues in my house. They arrived on time, kept me informed of their progress and resolved the issues the way I wanted it done. Their staff is professional and thorough. They did an excellent job. I highly recommend them.

Brad Ayresimg

I cant tell you how relieved I am about calling Master Tech North jersey! Reasonable pricing and excellent service! Thank you guys so much for your help!

Julian Jimg

These guys are the best. As soon as you call Eric to set up an appointment, you can tell that you are talking to a seasoned professional. His team remediated mold in my basement and crawlspace and did a very thorough job. As i was concerned about mold dangers related to my pregnant wife at the time, they explained the precautions and their safety procedures. They truly stand by their warranty. When I had a recent plumbing leak, Dylan (foreman) and Donovan (both super knowledgeable and helpful) came out free of charge to inspect and test if the leak caused any new mold growth. They answered my numerous questions and exen helped me carry my heavy dehumidifier to a better location. All these guys care about customer service and clearly work hard to ensure they're adding maximum value.

Robert Chambersimg


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