Spring & Fall Stripers

Belmar Spring and Fall Striped Bass Fishing Charters

Belmar Spring Striped Bass Fishing: April and May is when the weather starts to get really nice and summer is in the air. Well it’s also the time to start thinking Striped Bass Fishing out of Belmar. As the water temperature begins to rise and the bait moves in, so do those amazing Cow Stripers.

If you have never experienced Striped Bass Fishing out of Belmar, you are only left to imagine seeing schools of bunker, sometimes acres of these 9, 10, 12-inch bait fish popping all over the surface. Watch as the water moves all so magically with the sunrise on the horizon. Then it happens. The crashing of 30-40 lbs stripers smashing on the bunker. You toss your line in with one of these live bunker candies on your hook. The bunker pops as it hits the surface getting the attention of one of these cows. Your line comes tight, the fish takes off and you set your hook. Hold on tight, you’re about to have the fight of your life.

This sounds like a great fish story, But with Parker Pete Fishing, This is a story we don’t just tell, WE LIVE IT…..At Parker Pete Belmar Fishing Charters we customize our Striper fishing Trips around you. We have Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Trips available to catch these monster bass. We focus on the current eating habits of the bass to get you on the best fishing possible

So check your schedule and book now. We have everything you could possibly need to catch these fish. All we need is YOU.

Belmar Fall Striped Bass Fishing

The fall run of our stripers is a little different than our spring run, the fish are primarily chasing peanut bunker and sand eels. For the most part, we attack these fish with jigs and topwater tackle. You will have a great time catching stripers of all sizes along with gator bluefish. We call this RUN N GUN Fishing. You will see acres of birds on the bait and exploding fish as we chase them down. As the bait moves in so do the Whales, Dolphins, and even Tuna. You'll never know what you will catch on one of these trips.